Will Inter sack Stramaccioni?

At the beginning of the season the expectations were high for the Nerazzurri but now it turns out into a desastruos season .
Inter have missed all the trophies in competitions they have participated, even more they are just on a disastrous 9th place in Serie A with only one game before the end of the season .With no chance to participate in a European Cup next season , Inter boss is waiting for the end of the season to make a few changes in team.
Andrea Stramaccioni insists that Inter have a very good team and has put all the failures on injuries and the team needs only a few top transfers to become again a force in Europe.
Inter chiefs are not convinced of this and want to change current players with younger players hungry of performance but also they have lost confidence in Andrea Stramaccioni and they want to bring a new coach with more experience.
Inter icon Alessandro Altobelli has hit out the coach Andrea Stramaccioni and feels the current team is one of the worst in recent history and believes that he should be replaced with Napoli’s coach Walter Mazzarri if they want that Inter to become again a force in Europe.
With only 54 points collected in 37 matches, 16 victories,6 draws and 15 games lost, Inter Milan had one of the worst season in the history.The fans are hopeing that Inter boss will take action and will make sure that this season will not be repeated and Inter will get back there on top of the Serie A, where it belongs.

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