Juventus have won a new title

Juventus have managed to defend their title won last year by winning a new Serie A title. Even if there are three more games to play, Juventus have 11 points ahead of Napoli and they are mathematically Serie A champions. This is the 29th title for the Bianconeri.
They were the favorites to win the title again but nobody expected that Juventus  will dominate Serie A from start to finish.
Basically Juventus had no opponent in Serie A, the only team that gave them some excitement was Napoli but they had no power to keep the battle until the end with Juventus.
With an enviable running of 26 wins, 5 draws and 4 defeats, those from Juventus have not given any title chance to anybody. Before  Palermo  game from this weekend, Juventus needed 1 point to become champions but the players were able to focus and get a victory that sent the fans into delirium.
In the 58th minute, Vidal scored the only goal of the game and sent the title to Juventus. Fans and club officials denied  that Juventus lost the titles won in 2005 and 2006 seasons and had prepared a special choreography for this title, referring to the 31th title won by Juventus. Moreover they posted on the club’s official website a message that congratulates players for the title with the number 31 won last Sunday.
After this  extraordinary season made by Juventus everybody from Italy is hoping that Juventus will be able to become a force in Europe next season as the Italian football is in decline lately.The Italian clubs are being at 3rd consecutive season when they fail to enter the semifinals of an European competition.

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