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Juventus close to another title

Juventus have won the derby with AC Milan 1-0 and now are closer to a new title. The 33rd round of Serie A put Juventus and Milan face to face. Napoli were hoping for a Milan victory which would reduce the gap between them and the leaders. Many experts were convinced that Milan will obtain […]

Inter losing ground on Champions League run

Inter Milan have lost the home game 3 – 4  against Atalanta last Sunday and failed to profit from the wrong steps made by AC Milan and Fiorentina. Although they lead by 3 – 1,  Inter failed to keep the result and have lost the match. The match started well for Inter, and at half […]

Juventus won the derby with Inter Milan

Juventus are getting closer and closer to a second successive Scudetto after 2-1 victory against Inter Milano last Saturday. Inter have won the first derby with 3-1 at Juventus Stadium and now those from Turin wanted to win this match at any cost even if the match was played on Giuseppe Meazza. Even if this […]